Mr Goat is getting famous!

Giant goat spotted me!

I just learned today about the reverse image search power of Googles images search feature today while listening to a back episode of one of my favorite photography podcasts, TWIP or This Week in Photo. In the past I had used Tineye's website and Google Chrome plugin that will allow you to search the web for to see where you images are being used, chasing infringements etc.. So tonight I thought I would give Googles reverse image search a try with one of my more poplar photos that sells on iStockphoto's stock photography site. To my surprise Google came back with some interesting results where my cute innocent shot of Mr Goat from a farm in Fukushima turned up!Also interesting to find many other images of mine that are not for sale and have been used without my permission. And in one someone even re-uploaded it to a different stock site to sell! OOHH some people! Anyway here are a few interesting appearances by Mr Goat around the world.

Goat rape?!

Goat cheese!

This is my fav. Mr Goats head made the cover of Cosmos magazine!

This one is from a Chines magazine that contacted me to use the image via Flickr. 
Same Mr Goat just different shot. 

I will be returning to Fukushima for a holiday early 2013 so I will have to visit him again and pay some royalties with a big pile of hay and straw.

If you've ever wondered where some of your images might have been used on the web give Google Images search a try! Just click on the little camera mark in the search bar and choose an image by upload, drag and drop or URL link. Its interesting to see where shots have been used.

Well done Mr Goat!


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