Wedding Chapels of Okinawa

Over the past few years I've had the privilege of photographing couples most special day in some beautiful wedding chapels here on Okinawa.

I thought I would go back through some of my images of these chapels that I have worked at the most.
Today I would like to highlight just three of them. Watabe Wedding's Aquagrace chapel, Aqualuce and TuTu Wedding's Lazor chapel. The Lazor & Aquagrace chapels are located just down the road along the beach front from where I live in here in Yomitan. Aqualuce is about a 30 minute drive north of here to the grounds of the Manza ANA resort.

First off and the newest of the bunch is Tutu's Lazor chapel. This big chapel sits on the Alivila resort grounds and attracts many visitors to marvel in this fairy tail like chapel beauty.

The grand stairway

It's quite a sight to drive past here during sunset time!

Playing around with the light on my iPhone during a beautiful starry night to 
light paint HAPPY WEDDING. 

Looking down the virgin road on a gorgeous sunny Okinawa day. 

The chapel I have probably spent the most time at as my office was located on the 5th floor adjoining the chapel. Watabe Wedding's Aquagrace. Apparently this chapel is pretty famous in other parts of Asia from being used as a location in TV dramas. It was always funny to see the bus loads of tourists stop off here to all get a shot of themselves infront of it ringing the bell. 

You want to aim for around a 5:30pm wedding to have a chance of 
skies like this in your shots. 

Okinawa has some of the most amazing skies I've ever seen!

Early morning weddings get a beautiful golden light across the entrance to Aquagrace. 

And last but not least is the Aqualuce chapel sitting on the cliffs overlooking a beautiful bay from Manza's ANA resort. Luce has also had fair share of TV drama time, most recently for a popular show in Korea called Scent of a Woman in English. 

Early morning sun peaking over Aqualuce

Good morning Okinawa! Looking down over Aqualuce from the ANA resort. 

A couple of the actors from Korean tv drama Scent of a Woman. 
I was asked to shoot behind the scenes of the filming and actors. I got a chance to capture the couple sitting on a bench just outside the chapel with my trusty Fujifilm X100. 
The image went on to be used in numerous promotional posters and signs.

If your planning to come to Okinawa for your wedding or pre wedding photography send me a mail and I can help you plan your trip and perhaps give some advice on best times to visit and have your wedding etc.. Better yet come visit my photography company FotoShisa on Facebook here

Thanks for dropping by!

 All images are copyright Pete Leong Photography


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