Bob & Arlene's Okinawa Wedding 12.12.12

12.12.2012 is the busiest day of the year for weddings. At least here on Okinawa. Couples booked to have their wedding on this day as far back as a year and a half ago.

For the wedding photographer its a very busy day indeed! I was booked for two weddings this day.
The first was an early morning wedding out at the Manza ANA resort for a lovely couple from Hong Kong. I photographed this wedding for my old company Watabe Wedding and they take control of the copyrights so I'm not able to post examples from that shoot.

As soon as I was done there I raced down to the Laguna garden hotel to catch Arlene and her family visiting from the Philippines as they were getting ready.

We then traveled further south to their church for their Catholic wedding ceremony. Something very different for me as I usually shoot resort style weddings for the most part.

After the ceremony it was off to our old local Kirakira beach in Nishihara for a beach location shoot just in time for what photographers call "The Golden Hour". Beautiful afternoon golden light and a perfect time for shooting on the beach.

Next it was time to head to Camp Foster US military base for the reception party. The party went on till late that night with lots of fun, great food and dancing. This was quite a treat for me as I was allowed to enjoy the great food and drink along with the guests. Usually I'm never allowed eat/drink with the guests when I shoot with the various wedding companies which is fine but it's nice when doing a long shoot like this to be able to enjoy some great grub!

Also unlike Japanese weddings there was lots of dancing. I always wondered why they don't have dancing at Japanese wedding receptions. Its always a lot of fun and makes for some great photos.

Here is a slideshow with some sample photos from their big day.

Big congratulations again to Bob & Arlene! And have a fantastic time in Australia!

And thanks for choosing fotoShisa Photography!

If your having a wedding here on Okinawa or abroad and would like to have me come capture it for you please contact me at fotoshisa (at) for details.


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