Exploring the Northern East cost of Okinawa

The early bird gets the worm as they say so I was up at 5:30 in the morning to meet up with fellow photographer and good mate David Orr to head up north exploring along the East coast of Okinawa. 99% of the time I'm photographing the west side of the island as thats the side I'm on and arguably the most popular side. We headed up the highway in darkness past Ginoza and Camp Schwab to find some nice rock formations and small mountains jutting out from the water. From here in the drizzling rain we trekked up the beach to find a few locations to catch the sunrise (if any). Was happy to see the clouds part just enough to let the sun though to shed some light on things so to speak.

After that the clouds gave way to a gorgeous blue sunny day so we continued north to see what else we could find. Next stop was this lake with mangroves growing in it. The lake was pretty much perfectly still and gave a fantastic reflection of the sky and mirrored the mangroves.

After this it was further north until we found a beautifully located little restaurant called Tachigao waterfall cafe. Intrigued we headed in to check it out even though there were closed signs out front.

The kind owner came out and greeted us and I asked him if he wouldn't mind us coming in to check out the waterfall. He said we were welcome to come in and take photos. So I thanked him and promised I would send him some pics.

The area here is beautiful and theres a terris overlooking a huge valley that runs down to the ocean. They also have a guesthouse here for people to stay over with family etc. Highly recommended!

David Orr getting his slow shutter on

There are two main falls here and both of them require pretty steep decents to get down to the base of the falls. The paths are very slippery mossy concreate paths then creaky wooden steps that feel like they could give way at any moment  then onto super slippery wet rock with a rope for the last section to the base of the creek. 

Further on down the path are the second falls. This one is just as high if not higher than the first one but hidden a little more behind lots of forestry. Still very beautiful though and would make for a great swim on a hot summers day I bet. 

 For more information and access maps Google たちがお 沖縄 or give them a call on 0980-43-2186 (Japanese only)

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