January Off Camera Flash Workshop

FotoShisa Photography together with Chris Willson of Travel 67 held our 2nd Off Camera Flash photography workshop together this past weekend. Our first one that we did together last year was a huge success and people were quickly asking when we were going to hold another one.

The workshop was held over two days and was aimed at photographers who wan't to take their flash skills to the next level. We started out with the basics of controlling flash photography with things such as flash compensation to bounce flash and then on to taking the flash off the camera by various means before delving into using radio triggers and various modifiers to shape and control light better.

With the help of model Jovi and make up by Summer we headed down to Chris's local beach to practice lighting our model with the various techniques myself and Chris taught during the workshop.

There has already been some interest for future workshops on topics such as Lightroom workflow and long exposure photography and even taking the workshops abroad to other countries.

Here are a few images from the workshop.

Chris doing a wonderful job at posing for the students!

We both went though a few of our "strobist" shots explaining the 
techniques and what diffusers were used. 

Students trying out the Pocket Wizard Plus III's

Down at the beach with our model Jovi. Me holding 2 Lastolite EZ softbox's

Now lets see what it looks like if we light our model from below. 

Trying out a few different locations and lighting techniques

Chris had the Pocket Wizard Plus II's and I had the Plus III's on my 
light so students could take turns shooting directing and lighting Jovi. 

Seeing what advantages and disadvantages there are of using bare 
flash with our model. 

Some beautiful light and the end of the day to finish off our workshop. 

The students got some really great shots and I'll be sharing a few in an upcoming blog post. 
Thanks to everyone who attended! And a big thank you to Chris Willson, Jovi and Summer. 

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Unknown said…
Pete...Thank you for an awesome workshop! Both you and Chris are energetic, knowledgeable, engaging photographers and teachers. I learned a lot and will definitely recommend this class to any one wanting to increase their skill set as a photographer.

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