Dusting off the blades for a skate at Zanpa

Beautiful warm weather here in Okinawa yesterday so decided to dust of my old Rollerblades and go for a skate at Zanpa with good friend Adam Lewis and his skateboard.

I also wanted to practice and become more familiar with my new Canon 1DmkIV. With the Canon 8-15mm fisheye attached I was able to skate along side Adam and get some pretty cool shots as low as 10th of a second with the flash. The end of the day bought an amazingly beautiful sunset which made for a perfect backdrop.

It was great to get the skates on again and go for a cruise along the beautiful cliffs of Cape Zanpa. For those who don't know In-line skating was my life up until I was about 20.

Here's a few shots from the afternoon.

Adam carving around the corner as I get warmed up for panning. 
Yes it always takes a few shots to get warmed up and find a sweet spot for the shutter. 

Havent skated in ages but I can do a mean 180 mute grab. 
Photo by Adam. 

Getting some backwards speed on as Adam tries to workout my new 1DmkIV. 
He's a Nikon man hehe

Wicked sunset brewing

Skating along side Adam getting the shutter down to 10th/sec with some 
fill flash with 8-15mm fisheye. 

Getting some awesome colour in the sky above the Zanpa lighthouse. 
Here I tested out the speed of the mkIV with 5 bracketed shots handheld then combined later in Photoshop to give me a bigger dynamic range. 
Shooting with the 1DmkIV held down low by the ground as I skated backwards for a different angle. What a sky!!

On the way home the beautiful afterglow could not go wasted so I stopped as I was passing one of the chapels I shoot at. The Lazor wedding chapel. Shot with the 1DmkIV and 70-200mm f2.8 IS. 

Here is an iPhone pic of the newly acquired Canon 1DmkIV with his family the 5DmkIII, 5DmkII, 7D, a little Rebel and my mini model 1DmkII with 600mm f4L lens. 


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