New Moo cards, a nice Oki sunset and a crab with a funny home.

Finally got my new Moo cards in just 1 day before I head off to Hawaii for a wedding shoot. 
Id originally ordered them almost a month ago but they never arrived and got sent all the way back to the UK for some reason. I explained to the nice lady at Moo that I needed these new cards for the upcoming trip and she was nice enough to express ship them to my home here in Okinawa. Only 3 days! I changed the design around a bit on the cards and ordered a set of matte and glossy ones this time. They all look great and you can really see the quality in them. I highly recommend giving Moo cards a try if you haven't already. 

So today was mostly about getting things sorted for my trip to Hawaii tomorrow but I saw there was some nice afternoon light brewing so grabbed my 5DmkIII and headed down the road a bit to the Nikko Alivila resort area in hopes of catching a good colours in the sky. To make things a little more interesting this time I bought down with me my glass ball to play with. Haven't played with it too much yet but there a lot of cool creative stuff you could do it. 

Unfortunately in my haste to get out the door I forgot to bring my tripod and so was hand holding and doing speed bursts of 5 bracketed images in order to blend together back in Lightroom and Photoshop.
In reality I didn't need 5 bracketed images but I already had the Canon set up that way and didn't want to muck around changing settings while the beautiful colours were fading quickly.

Today's Bonus Photo: iPhone snap of a little crab I found on the way to the beach this afternoon. How cute is his little bottle cap house!!

Hope your all having a great weekend and thanks for dropping by!


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