Okinawa Engagement photography (Rebekah & Javier)

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Rebekah & Javier when they contacted me about doing something a little out of the ordinary for their engagement shoot while they were based here on Okinawa. I gave them the idea of using an old abandoned hotel as their main location and they were excited to give it a try. Rebekah came up with the idea of having a paint war with Javier and I knew this was going to be something different and fun! Here are a few samples from their Pre Wedding photography session with fotoShisa here on Okinawa.

Rebekah is into playing the "Sanshin" the traditional Okinawan equivalent of a Japanese Shamisen so we did a few shots of her with that with some cool tree roots not far from the car park.

Rebekah & Javier met at Starbucks so wanted to have a shot that represented that. 

The exterior of the "haunted hotel" has some great textures and backgrounds!

Having a little fun doing an impromptu fight scene around the hotel ruins. 

Right up at the far back of the hotel there are some great views of the surrounding area. 
Here Javier had a fun idea he wanted to try out 8)

Always fun to mix it up and be a bit silly

Beautiful natural backgrounds and textures everywhere. 

We found this little Torii gate in the bush and loved it for the contrasting colours. 

Marry me?

The paint fight begins!

Just look at all that paint flying all over the place. 
Needless to say I got some on myself and camera gear. 

And that's the end of our super fun and messy photo shoot. 

Here's what Rebekah & Javier had to say about their fotoShisa Photography experience. 

"We contacted Pete for our engagement photos, and I can't believe how amazing they turned out! We got so many unique and wonderful images that it's impossible to choose favorites! Not only that, but the entire photo shoot experience--from start to finish--was so much fun that I didn't want it to end, even when we were covered in paint and freezing. ;) Pete had so many incredible ideas and took inspiration from the environment, the weather, the light, and us! I can't imagine anything better, and I HIGHLY recommend fotoShisa to anyone with photography needs. 
Thank you so much, Pete!!"

If you would like to arrange an epic out of the ordinary engagement or pre wedding photography shoot here on the island or anywhere around the world, give that mail button above a click and drop me a message or drop by to see more. 


Rebekah & Javier - they're perfect couple. They seem to have a lot of fun during their engagement session. Beautiful concept. I loved it!

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