Warming up in Okinawa. Underwater model shooting

Since I bought the Ikelite underwater housing last year for my old Canon 5DmkII and Canon 8-15mm f4L I've only been out snorkeling with it a few times. But had been wanting to try underwater photography with a model for ages now. In order to get some basic practice in I borrowed good friend and model Talisa to come get in the cold water with us for some fun.

Although the water looked great from above it was not as clear as I hoped under the water. Plus we probably should have been out much deeper so as not to kick up all the sand below us.

I still have a lot to wrap my head around with this underwater business but its a fun journey.

Here are a few of the shots from today.

Talisa getting used to keeping her eyes open in the salt water. 

The water wasn't really clear and we were probably too shallow as the sand was getting kicked up. 


Water magnification does some strange things with half/half shots like these

Trying to walk on water

Talisa getting goosebumps. Yeah it was pretty cold in the water today!

Falling in backwards

Here's my underwater rig. The Canon 5DmkII with 8-15mm f4L with the 
Ikelite housing. 

Not cheap but good fun! The housing is made up of 3 parts. The body, port and front dome. All together I think it cost about $2500 from B&H Photo in The States. It takes some getting used to controlling all the dials on the camera with the housing on and underwater but works quite well and has never got a drip inside it yet. Although I've only taken it down a couple of meters so far. Looking forward to finally getting my divers license this summer so I can really take advantage of the beautiful waters of Okinawa and work on my underwater photography skills more. 


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