Let's Happy Time Scuba Diving Okinawa! 8)

I had been putting it off and saying I always wanted to do it and now finally thanks to my good friend Keith Smith of ScubaTKS I now have my certification, yayy! For the last 4 days I have been diving everyday and today was the first with my Ikalite underwater housing for my Canon 5DmkII and 8-15mm f4L fisheye lens.

Keith was a fantastic instructor, very patient and clear when teaching me all the skills needed to dive safely while still having lots of fun. Huge thanks Keith!
Visit Keith's Scuba in Okinawa facebook page here https://www.facebook.com/pages/Scubatks

Here are a few practice shots on my first actual open water dive since I did my introduction to diving on Rota island a few years back while on assignment there for Outdoor Japan Magazine. (See image above taken on Canon G9 also got a double page spread in a Chinese island travel magazine.

These shots were taken with the Canon S95 and Canon housing.
First shot of a cute little nudibranch

With Keith sensei at Kadena North

Here's a few from today on my 5th dive and first time diving with good friend +David Orr and with the Ikelite Canon 5DII housing at Cape Maeda.
 Although the visibility wasn't that great it was a great feeling to be able to shoot the fish from their level and not be in a rush to get back to the surface for air every few seconds as I always have done when snorkeling with the housing. I feel pretty much like a total beginner photographer still right now while shooting underwater but having a blast exploring the amazing underwater compositions and watching all the sea life around me. An amazing feeling once I learned to relax a bit more down there.

Thanks Dave!


Unknown said…
Gresat dive indeed. I could tell that you had terrific instruction, was impressed with your diving abilities ! Looking forward to future dives.
Unknown said…
Thanks mate! It wasn't all easy. I had to redo a lot of the tasks as I was just crap at them or scared the first time. Keith was great though and very easy to understand even under water.
Unknown said…
Glad to see you are in the water! I look forward to diving with you in the future!

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