Angry Okinawan Seas

The weather has been super hot and humid but close to perfect all summer long as far as awesome sunny weather, great clouds for photography and epic sunsets. This year though we've had virtually no typhoons come right over Okinawa. Last year was back to back monsters! Right now there is a typhoon passing by the east side of Okinawa but we are still feeling its effects. Took a drive a fair way up north along the east coast of Okinawa today with good friend and photographer +David Orr to have a look at what the waves were doing up there. This was the one shot I made, a great wave came in and drenched me and most of my Canon 1DmkIV. I managed to fire off this one just in the nick of time. Used an ND8 filter to allow a slow enough shutter of 1/4th of a second at f18 to give me just enough movement in the water. Black & White conversion done with Nik Silver Efex Pro and finished in Lightroom 5.


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