Bellydancing with a twist of Okinawa flavour

Good friends Atsuko and Satomi that I've shot before only on stage were up for trying something a little different so we went out to our secret location to try and capture some dancing and veil flying at sunset. Easier said than done though as we had to all find the location in time, get lights set up, girls ready, walking across difficult terrain, and catch the shots quickly as the light was changing very quickly. 
With my great assistants Mickey, Kat and Haruna making the task much easier as there was no way to put light stands on the ground here. Especially not with an Apollo Westcott Orb. 

 Made the rest of the photos within about a 15 minute time frame before it got completely dark.

Thanks very much ladies!

Set up for this shoot: Canon 1DmkIV and Canon 5DmkIII
2 X Yongnuo speed lights triggered by my annoying Pocket Wizard Plus III's Yeah I find them about as reliable as my cheap $10 Chinese triggers more often than not. 

Anyway I would have loved to take my time and get the girls in some more interested poses and positions but as light was fading quick we just had to think fast and get what we could. 

Good fun and a great effort by the dancers and assistants. Thank you!!


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