Fun at Renaissance Resort and wedding chapel Okinawa

Took a spin up to the Renaissance resort just up the road in Onna the other day to have a look around the grounds as I'll be photographing a location shoot there for a couple from Taiwan that will be having their wedding there. Anyone is welcome to wander in off the streets and enjoy the vast facilities they have there.

Here's a few pics to give you an idea.

A cool talking Parrot in the hotel lobby

The view from the lunch buffet area. Not bad!

Haruna relaxing on the balcony

Nicely kept grounds and beautiful clear Okinawa waters

An American eatery which was a but expensive but looked yum. 
Nice to have a cold beer as you wander around also!

Big kiddy pool with water slides on both indoor and outdoor pools. 

A Sting ray swimming along the shallow waters by the lagoon. 

At the lagoon you can see Dolphins and Sting rays swimming around. 

The Ribera wedding chapel entrance. 

In side the chapel. If your interested in having a wedding here its run by Tutu Wedding Okinawa. 

One cool Taiko Shisa standing ground by the beach. 

Bridge to another restaurant. 

Nice trees!

A selfie from your truly before getting in for a dip. 
Love Okinawa!


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