Flyboard Okinawa!

Me getting a little altitude on the Flyboard. 

Went over to Uken beach with Haruna and our good mate Hiro who owns and runs the Flyboard business here in Okinawa. If you haven't seen or heard of Flyboarding yet it basically feels like being Ironman on the water. This water jet pack fun as just made its way to Okinawa in the last 6 months or so and is getting really popular. 
This was my 2nd time trying my hand at Flyboarding and this time I had a lot more fun than my first attempt where I was mostly slamming into the ocean and drinking lots of sea water. Im now able to keep my balance, go higher and try more aggressive turns etc.. Back flips next time! Maybe...

Anyway here are a few more photos from that session with myself, Haruna & Hiro. 
All images were photographed with the Canon 1DmkIV with 300mm f2.8L lens from the shore or from in the water with the Canon 5DmkII in my Ikelite dive housing with 8-15mm f4L fisheye attached. 

Shots of me were taking by Haruna. 

Working on some low altitude turn technique first. 

Me about to eat it hard! 

Hiro grabbing some board making it all look too easy

Hiro in the clouds

Hiro helping Haruna get strapped in for her first go

Haruna on her first time ever Flyboarding

Hiro spraying some water

If you want to try Flyboarding in Okinawa for cheaper than the other places are doing it contact me or hit up my good mate Hiroyuki of Okinawa Flyboarding to book a session. 
Find him and more info here on his Facebook Okinawa Fly boarding page


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