Senior shoot with Alex at the Southeast Botanical Gardens

Alex's Mum Carmen wanted to get some senior photos of Alex as he is graduating here in Okinawa soon. This kind of shoot is still relatively new to me as we don't really have senior shoots back in Australia. 

We took a nervous Alex out to the newly opened Southeast Botanical Gardens to wander around the park making a few images. Alex was super camera shy at first and that was coming through in the initial photos. Thats when a photographers most important tool comes into play. Communication skills!

I learnt very early on in my photography career that the power of speech plays a big part in getting good natural and relaxed looking portraits. Thats why I always try to find a way to connect with my subjects be it a sport, hobby or what ever. You will notice as soon as you hit on something they are interested in and they will automatically start to relax, open up and the photos will look more natural. 

Here are a few more from our little wander around the park. 

Big thanks to my assistant for the day Chris Myers!

If your interested in having a Senior location shoot here on Okinawa or (just in case) Las Vegas in November 2013 then drop me an email here or check out my main website for details, testimonials etc.. Thanks for dropping by!


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