Use Professional Equipment for the Best Selfies Take the Selfie Out of the Bathroom

We have seen them, photos consumed a bathroom mirror, cell phone or even worse, an iPad, held high, off center subject, glare from your flash, maybe even the dreaded "duck face". We are speaking about the typical selfie. Just simply because you want to post a photo of what you're wearing or a new tattoo does not mean that you are only capable of taking a picture inside the bathroom mirror. With several key purchases, you'll be able to take great selfies that seem to be like we were holding taken by a professional.
 The initial step is to use a camera or a phone with an above average timer. Timers have become more sophisticated, meaning you will not have ten seconds to run and pose. Some cameras and phones are even voice activated, meaning it is possible to take your picture if you are ready. Another big plus with modern cameras is because have internal wifi or even 4G so you can post your expert selfie online within minutes, without having to wait to upload for your computer.

 In case you post a lot of selfies, you probably know that some of the worst lighting you may get is the fluorescent lighting before many bathroom mirrors. Florescent lighting creates ugly shadows and messes up the color of your clothing or perhaps your complexion. If you post lots of selfies, especially to show off your clothing, invest in a photography lighting kits like the ones featured on For your initial investment in professional grade lighting, you can get rid of the severity of flash photography or awful florescent lighting. Instead, you'll be able to set up your lighting in a manner that gives you to be able to take selfies that appear to be great. Unless you have a particularly photogenic spot in your own home, a background can also add a professional touch in your selfie. Get a neutral photography background so you are what shines in your picture, not the wall or perhaps toilet stalls that relate up in most selfies. For and post a great deal of selfies, a few investments in good photographic equipment for instance a camera, lighting or perhaps a background may make your selfie look world's superior to the typical pose while watching bathroom mirror. These few investments will require your selfies to a higher level, looking a lot more like a professional photo shoot.


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