New gear in from the good folks at Expo Imaging and Rogue

Just arrived back from a great and productive trip to Las Vegas teaching a workshop and shooting a bit for myself as well but more on that in an upcoming post. The great folks at Expo Imaging and Rogue Photographic Design who make the awesome Flash Bender sent me out some new gear to try out. Some of it will also be given away as prizes at our next Off Camera Flash workshop next weekend with good friend +Chris Willson. I've been using Rogue gear for a few years now and absolutely love it for its portability and usefulness when using flash with your photography. Your able to shape, bend and defuse the light in ways that allow for much greater creativity with your speedlights.

They have come out with some great new products now like the strip soft box and diffusers that will soften the light, attach quickly and pack flat for easy transportation unlike large studio softboxes. This will be a huge advantage for me when shooting overseas weddings so I won`t have to cart so much heavy gear around on the planes and in transit.

Also included was the new Expo Disk version 2.0. I'm really looking forward to using this for keeping white balance under control at weddings as that can be one of the most time consuming aspects of photo editing. Especially when your on a tight dead line and you have 10 weddings sitting on your computer waiting to be edited. Getting white balance locked down in camera or at least getting a good reference point to sync up post be a huge frustration and time saver.

I'm looking forward to getting all this new gear out for review and showing it off at workshops. A few lucky participants will also be going home with some of it.

Check out Rogue gear and take your speedlighting creativity to the next level!

Stay tuned for full blog and video reviews coming soon!


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