50th Flickr Explored photo

My most recent and 50th photo to make it into Flickr Explore. For those that don't know certain popular photos on Flickr can become Explored which means they are chosen amongst thousands of other photos to be featured on the Explored page which gains the image lots of attention and usually racks up 100+ "faves/likes" as well as lots of comments. From time to time my images will make it into Explore but not always the images I think will make it. Sometimes Im surprised to see that any old snapshot of a lens or camera gear get Explored where as images I've put lots of effort into and that I really like don't get in.

This recent shot of our model Yuki from the last Off Camera Flash workshop I taught with good friend Chris Willson was taken while I was demonstrating how to use flash with a Lastolite Ezybox held just out of frame by my assistant. The flash also had a 1/4 cut CTO gel on it to slightly warm up the light falling on Yuki.

You can see my other Flickr Explored shots at this link

Here's a thumbnail gallery of my images on Flickr that have made it to Explore. 


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