An Okinawa family shoot session with the Breckners and Rogue Flash Benders

A few days ago I had the absolute pleasure of shooting a family photo session with fellow photographer Alex Breckner and his beautiful family at Toguchi Beach.

As Toguchi Beach is such a popular place to photograph its always a challenge to come up with something different and new. The good folks at Expo Imaging had also just sent me out a bunch of their new Rogue flash diffusers to try out so I was looking forward to experimenting with their new Flash Benders with the diffusion panels.

For this shoot I used two of the cheap but trusty Yongnuo speedlite YN560-III which I love with their built in radio receivers  which allow me to not have to carry along my Pocket Wizard Plus III's plus extra batteries which means extra time to set up, more weight etc...
These things are just awesome and cheap! Of course there is no TTL but I don't use TTL 99% of the time anyway.

Attached to my two flashes were the new Rogue XL flash benders with diffusers. Super light, fast to set up and dont take up much space in my camera bag.

Here are a few samples and behind the scenes set up shots from out 1 hour location shoot at Toguchi.

For family and engagement shoot enquiries in Okinawa contact me via email or call me at 
080 3339 0661. 


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