Off Camera Flash Workshop December 2013

Myself and +Chris Willson held another workshop on getting your flash off the camera recently over two days for 11 photo enthusiasts here on the island. This workshop was our most successful workshop yet as we have ironed out our teaching methods more. We also did a location shoot with our model Yuki in a Japanese yukata and had some great kit to give away from our sponsors at Spider Holster and Expo Imaging.

On the first day we went through various techniques for getting the flash off the camera, learning how to operate in full manual mode and how to balance the ambient light with the flash to keep the sky in check and what not.

On our 2nd day we got more into using various diffusers on location. First heading to a local beach to practice in some windy conditions with our model before finally heading over to the popular shooting spot of Gala with our model to try and catch her with a nice sunset background.

Although we didn't get an epic sunset we did get some really nice light and all the students took turns trying out different diffusers like the Rogue flash benders and Lastolite Ezybox. We then also incorporated a second flash to separate our subject from the background with a rim light.

The students seemed to really enjoy and get a lot out of the workshop by the photos they posted over the following days and we received lots of great feedback. Looking forward to setting up more workshops on various photography subjects in 2014 both here in Okinawa and mainland Japan. Im in the planning stage now for a Rogue Flash Bender specific workshop for Tokyo possibly in early 2014.

Here are a few more images from the workshop.

Out on a practice run with our model Yuki on a windy beach in Ishikawa

Winners of the gear give away from Spider Holster and Rogue kits. 

Thanks to all those that attended the workshop and also thanks to +Chris Willson for hosting it with me, Yuki for modeling for us and Summer Johnson for doing a great job as always with the make up!


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