Las Vegas Trip part 1

So I just got back to Okinawa after an amazing trip to Las Vegas to visit good friends, teach a private photography workshop and to shoot some of the nature and lights of Vegas. This was the first time I'd visited Vegas since 1996 when I did a 52 day Contiki bus trip around the whole US. But last time I only got to spend a day or two in this vibrant city.

It was a fun and also very productive trip getting to meet with many big camera brand reps including Canon, Nikon, Tamron, Sigma and even the pleasure of chat with the co owner of Think Tank Photo, Kurt Rogers.

I also got to go along on my 2nd USAF Pararescue training exercise thanks to my very good friend.
I traveled along with two "PJ's" at night time out on a lake with a Zodiac boat and using night vision goggles and watched as a Pave Hawk helicopter ran some training exercises just above our heads. At one point it felt like I was in a category 5 typhoon as the Helo hovered just 20 or so feet above our small boat.

Early on in the trip we took a journey out to the middle of no where to a place called Cold Creek, Nevada in hopes of finding some wild horses roaming the desert. Although the weather was pretty bad and raining we did eventually come across quite a few of these beautiful creatures along side the road.

The trick part was getting them to look back at us with the more interesting moody clouds in the background as the other side was just a dull white which would not have made for very interesting photos.

Here's a few of the results I was able to get.

You shall not pass

This is our territory

Lock the doors!

Getting up close and personal

Momma and baby

There was a bit of a road block

Along the road to the snow covered Mount Charleston

Most of the shots were taken with a Yongnuo speedlight flash held in my left hand while I held the Canon 1DmkIV in my other hand trying to work as fast as possible so as not to get too wet. 

More photos and stories from Las Vegas coming soon!


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