Photo Q&A episode 1

As many of you may have noticed I've been making more of an effort now to get in front of the camera and make videos for my YouTube channel now that the wedding season has quieted down a bit here in Okinawa.

I've been having fun making video reviews of gear that my sponsors have been sending out for me but I thought it would be good to share some of the questions online through video episodes rather than just answering the same questions several times in individual emails.

I'm still super new to the whole video editing thing and I haven't been in front of the camera for video that much since my younger years when I started out as an actor for various tv shows and stage performances. But I'm having fun and hope to help people with various photography questions they might have. I know for myself I love to watch these kinds of videos on Youtube and constantly listen to different shows like TWIP, FroKnowsPhoto and my good friend Martin Bailey of the Martin Bailey Photography podcast which is one of the longest running photography shows out there. Check them out on iTunes and Youtube for lots of inspiration and photography news and education.

For my first episode I thought I would answer a question on getting set up for off camera flash or "strobist" photography. I show you how to get set up with off camera flash for cheap! I think knowing how to get by in photography for "cheap" is a very important thing to know as it can be quite intimidating getting started out and not knowing where to begin.

So here's the question I was sent.

Hey Pete,Question for you, just checked out your review of the Rogue XL diffuser/softbox/strip box... It looks like a winner!My Background is Action Sports of which I have always shot with available light only, now I'm being asked to do engagements, wedding, family portraits, etc. These requests are coming from satisfied action sport customers, which is awesome, but I now need to invest in some lighting equipment etc. All I currently have is an Canon 430EXII.I've been researching lighting equipment like crazy and keep bouncing back and forth between a 2-3 strobe light setup(Einsteins 650's) or Canon Speedlights 580exii's or 600's. Either way I'm looking at big money, but want reliable equipment. Correct me if I'm wrong but it looks like you go the minimalist route. For just getting started with shooting weddings what's your 2 cents????I had my budget at $1000 US Dollars, but now feel that It might need to be in upwards of $3000??Any help would be greatly appreciated,Todd

Here's the advice I had for Todd explaining how you can get set up with off camera flash even if you don't own a flash for as little as $200.  Feel free to let me know what you think, things I need to improve on in my videos etc.. As Im just trying to learn so I can help others better.

You'll notice I'm almost in tears laughing from the start as Haruna had me cracking up just as I was starting the video.

Feel free to let me know what you think, things I need to improve on in my videos etc.. As Im just trying to learn so I can help others and make better videos. And if you have any photography questions for future episodes please leave them in the comments or email me! Thanks for watching.


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