Review of the new Spider Holster Pro gear and Black Widow

Got out yesterday fighting off the jet lag to review some of the new upgrades to the Spider camera Holster pro gear including the new large lens pouch for the 70-200mm lens, Dual and single Spider Holsters and the new Black Widow designed for lighter DSLR's and compact cameras.

Here's some close up shots of the gear. You can see the Youngnuo speedlight attached via the new Spider Monkey clip and large lens pouch holding my Canon 70-200 2.8 with hood attached.

The new improved base plate now with a much better spring loaded hex/allen key storage spot. 

Gearing up for a product shoot with the new gear. 

The new Spider Black Widow Holster Kit. A very nice new addition to the line up. Designed for lighter cameras although I've had a Canon 5D mkIII with battery grip and 50mm f1.2 on the Black Widow and it still holds just fine. 
The Black Widow is much lighter than the Spider dual pro system and attaches with ease via the long and strong velcro strap on the belt. The Black Widow can be detached from the supplied belt and used on your regular belt as well. 

For more info on Spider Holster gear check out
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