Rogue Flash Bender XL Kit Review

Using two XL Flash Benders to light the family and 
keep the sky in check. 

I've been a big fan of Expo Imaging and their Rogue gear for several years now. I'm very happy this year to have support from these guys and help spread the good word about the Rogue gear and I truly believe any photographer who uses speedlites should have at least one of these in their kit. There's no more portable, light and quick way to get nice light diffusion for your speedlites. The portability and versatility is what stands out the most for me. Especially since the new Flash Bender XL pro lighting kits have come out. I'd even go as far to say they are a game changer. 

Here's a little video review I did down at the beach. Apologies for the wind! I've since ordered a wind muffler for the mic which is still on its way. 

Using two XL's in a clam shell lighting set up for portraits. 

A few examples of using a single Flashbender on a wedding shoot. 

Want to buy a Rogue Flashbender? Click the link to Amazon to buy from there as it helps me out a little also!

Rogue Photographic Design ROGUEXLPRO FlashBender XL Pro Lighting Kit (Black/White/Silver)

If you'd like to check out the Rogue Flash Benders and other gear from Expo Imaging visit them at this link.


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