Saturday, January 18, 2014

成人の日 Coming of age day shoot for Nicky & Mico at sunset

Japan's Coming of age day or Seijin no hi (成人の日) was just the other day, 12th of January here in Okinawa or 13th up in mainland Japan. For my good friend Mike's son it was his Coming of Age day so I thought I would do a little shoot for him with his girlfriend Mico so that they could remember their day and celebrate their young love. We headed just down the road to popular shooting spot Gala here in Yomitan just in time for a great sunset and we made this series of images all within about 20 minutes as the light was fading fast and we wanted to make the most of the "golden hour".

The shots that were lit with flash were made using two Yongnuo yn560 III speedlites on lightstands diffused with the awesome Rogue Flash Bender XL's that Expo Imaging had sent me out. Like to pick up a Rogue Flashbender kit? Please use my Amazon link below by clicking on the image. 

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