Okinawa Wedding for Barry & Cissy

The first of the official wedding seasons will be kicking in again here in Okinawa in another month or so when the weather warms and generally gets nice and sunny. But here's a few samples from Barry & Cissy's wedding from January 9th. It was super windy and pretty cold this day so we couldn't shoot at Zanpa for too long because of the massive waves spraying us with sea water. Despite the fact, we all had fun and the couple were able to enjoy a beautiful day together and with their family. Here are a few samples from their day. 

Also I'm happy to announce that later this year we will be offering beach weddings in Okinawa! Plans are still in the works so we cant say too much just yet but its looking like it will be very popular. If your interested in a beach wedding or location photo session here in Okinawa then drop us an email for inquires by clicking here


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