Diving with Dolphins, Sharks & a False Killer Whale!

My apologies for the lack of posts lately as I've been traveling in the Philippines with my good friend Chris Myers and catching up with my cousin over there Mark Walton who runs the Arizona dive shop in Subic bay. We had a fantastic trip and this is the first trip I've been on in ages where I wasn't working. Although of course we did plenty of travel and underwater photography while there.

Mark also hooked us up with a chance to dive with sharks, dolphins and a false killer whale over at the Ocean Adventure park. This was one amazing experience to say the least. The dolphins and false killer whale were so well trained and friendly as well as quite curious about our underwater camera gear. We were told we shouldn't use flash and unfortunately the water had quite a bit of back scatter in it so I did have to do a bit of work in Photoshop with a few of them.

Here are a few of the images from the two dives we did there.

 Chris enjoying a special moment with a Bottle nose touching his hand

Is there something on my head?

Getting a visit from a 630kg False killer whale

He even came into the shallows for a picture

The hungry Jacks (Trevally?) swimming over head waiting 
for a feed 

In the same area were at least half a dozen Black Tip Sharks

 Chris in the background getting some shots

I was also filming with my Gopro atop my Ikelite dive housing and working on editing that video footage now. Once its done I'll upload it to my Youtube channel at http://www.youtube.com/user/doksik

More diving and travel photos from the Philippines coming in the next few days! Stay tuned! 


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