Sunflowers and Cherry Blossoms Okinawa Photo Tour with KM & Annika

Recently took KM & Annika from Hong Kong on a photo tour of Okinawa. They really wanted to shoot with the Cherry blossoms (sakura) of Okinawa and it just so happened that their trip also was well timed with the sunflower festival held in Kitanakagusuku. 

A little behind the scenes video from the day. 

After the sunflowers we made our way up north to the Cherry blossom mountain in Nago Yaedake. 
The narrow road that winds up the mountain is one of the trickiest shooting situations in Okinawa as hoards of tourists flock to the mountain around this time to see the flowers making it extremely difficult to shoot along the road with our pre wedding couple and lights etc..

For the camera and strobist geeks out there, this was the first day out with my new Vagabond Mini Lithium from Paul C Buff. I used this battery pack to power a 320ws Alien Bee studio strobe and was very happy with the results. Having mostly only used speedlites on location for lighting it was nice to have the extra power of the bigger studio strobes at my disposal. It was also very nice to see that even at the end of our 8 hour 5 location shoot I still had all LED power indicators lighting up showing the battery pack was still above 75% charge. And I had been shooting with it all day!

Here are a few other samples from the day. 

Locations used were Kitanakagusuku sunflower fields, Nago's Yaedake cherry blossoms, Manzamo cliffs, Manza beach and Naha's Naminoue temple the following morning. Oh yeah and we found that old fighter jet in a car park across from a convenience store when we stopped for snacks as I thought it was pretty cool. Hope you enjoyed!

Interested in having your Pre-wedding photography in Okinawa? Give me a call or email to set up a shoot and get details. 

We have professional make up and hair artists working with us as well as free hotel to hotel transportation in a large comfortable van. All included with the Okinawa 8hr photo tour package. 


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