Another random iPhone snap shot made it to Flickr Explore & a new toy for video

Another one of my random iPhone snap shots made it into Flickr's Explore. For those who don't know Flickr Explore is a thing were certain shots sometimes get chosen out of the thousands and thousands of shots that get uploaded around the world each day and get featured in Explore. I just find it pretty funny that some shots that I put a lot of effort and time into never make it but a random snap shot at my favorite shop gets in...

So the shot above "Tripod city" was taken a few days ago in Yokohama's huge Yodobashi Camera store. I love to visit these camera stores when ever I make it up to mainland Japan as they are just a photographers heaven with floors and floors of photography gear. They make most super markets look like small convenience stores. 

I was up in Yokohama to shoot the wedding of Koji & Miku. Koji is a friend I've known from years back when I used to teach business English at Canon in Fukushima. Yes back when I first moved to Japan many moons ago I was only a part time freelance photographer shooting the odd wedding and event here and there. 

Anyway back to Yodobashi Camera, I couldn't leave the store without getting a little souvenir from the trip and I found something I have had my eye one for a while now. The Manfrotto MVM500A video monopod. I had originally seen these when I did a DSLR video workshop a few years back and thought they were pretty cool then. That was with an older model which was no longer in stock. So I got this new model with bigger head and I must say it's one very useful bit of kit for both video and still photography. 

As you can see in the image below it's able to support itself by its 3 little fold out feet at the bottom. 
The fluid drag system makes it silky smooth for panning and tilting and is super quick and easy to set up. I took it for a test run today while out shooting some Flyboarding (Kind of like a water jet pack device for those that don't know) and was amazed as just how easy it was to get smooth video from. 

I'll be making a full video review of the MVM500A shortly which will be up on my Youtube channel at

If you can't wait for the video review and want to pick yourself up one of these bad boys you can get them here on Amazon.


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