New Okinawa wedding chapel OK for Pre Wedding photo shooting!

Almost daily I get the question from potential customers " Can we shoot in an Okinawa wedding chapel? " Until now its only been possible if you were actually having a wedding at one of the chapels but today I'm happy to announce that we can use a new chapel! fotoShisa Photography has worked out a deal with a new wedding chapel to allow for pre-wedding / engagement shooting inside this chapel and the beautiful beach directly out front. I took a trip to visit the chapel today and made a few images for reference.

As you can see the chapel has magnificent views of the beautiful ocean right out front and would make for a great location for a pre wedding shoot.

Want to use this chapel in your Okinawa Pre Wedding photo session? Photo packages start from ¥65,000. Drop fotoShisa Photography an email for info and bookings by clicking here! Or drop by our main website for sample photos, testimonials from other customers and info.


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