Okinawa Pre Wedding location shoot for Cindy & Max (and behind the scenes video)

The wedding season is here in full force on Okinawa again now. Weddings and other edits are starting to stack up in the computer like they always do this time of year making it hard to blog or make videos for my Youtube channel. I did manage to whip up a little behind the scenes video from our 5 location shoot earlier this month with Cindy & Max from Hong Kong.

Check out the behind the scenes video below to see what we got up to.

Behind the scenes on a multiple Okinawa location pre wedding shoot with fotoShisa Photography

Here's a few other shots from the day.

Outside Aquagrace wedding chapel

Oakley reflections

Heart in the sun at Manzamo

A cool walking bridge spanning several mini islands in Onna

Let that veil fly

Love epic clouds as backdrops

On the rocks at Zanpa

As you can see it was pretty windy

Along the Zanpa cliffs

Look a whale!

Going for a stroll on Uza beach

Low tide coral

Beach 51 panorama is one of the best on the island. 

Beach 51 cave

In an old WWII dug out


Late afternoon at Manzamo

Wandering at Manzamo with in their Hakama's (kimono)

Walking into the sunset


Twilight on the cliffs of Manzamo

Interested in having a pre wedding photo session in Okinawa? Drop fotoShisa an email for details and packages fotoshisa @


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