Published in Photography Masterclass magazine

Photography Masterclass magazine recently contacted me about using one of my favorite images in their latest issue in their Capture Perfect Panoramas section. 

My image below in the magazine entitled Something Wicked This Way Comes was shot last year back when I was visiting Australia to shoot a wedding. On my last day there at my Mums place in my home town of Redcliffe I saw this epic looking super cell storm cloud heading right for us. 
I quickly raced across the road to the beach with Canon 5DmkIII in hand and snapped a sequence of images to later stitch together in Photoshop as the cloud was too huge to fit in the frame even with my wide 17-40mm f4L lens. 
I had just enough time to snap off a few quick images before I had to race back inside. Just as I was half way across the road it started belting down rain and lightning. The shot remains of of my favorite images I've made to date. 

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