Nikon D4s Unboxing

Hey folks! It's the busy wedding season right now so I've not been able to put up as many blog posts as I would like to being just back from a great model shoot in Kyoto with the Cherry blossom trees shooting two 13 hour days and now in the middle of 7 weddings in 8 days! Anyway I got a chance to do a little unboxing video of the new top of line Nikon D4s yesterday and what a beast it is!

As most of you know I'm a Canon shooter but I did use Nikon for a few years back when I was shooting full time for Watabe Wedding. At the time I use using D700's and a couple of D3's and they were great and took a lot of punishment and heavy duty work.

My good friend Chris Myers just picked up this new D4s and let me open it up for the first time so I could show everybody how it looks, sounds and initial thoughts. Check it out in the video below!

If you've got a lazy $6000+ lying around and want to pick up one of these bad boys then please use my link to get it on Amazon here


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