Published in EOS magazine

EOS magazine from the UK recently contacted me about doing a series of "How was it shot" articles where I would show a finished image with some behind the scenes and explanation about how I made the photo. Here is the first of 3 published articles in their current issue. For this issue we used a shot of model and good friend Yuki who I used for an Off Camera Flash workshop I taught with fellow photographer Chris Willson. 

We were just down the road at Gala with our group where I was demonstrating using off camera flash to light our subject and match exposure with the ambient light for our background. We were demonstrating various lighting modifiers, mainly from our good friends at Expo imaging with their Rogue flash benders but also the EZY box from Lastolite. EOS magazine ended up picking the shot from 500px then contacting me about it. Here is the finished article in the magazine along with the cover below. Keep an eye out for future issues with more "How was it shot" stories. 

Our model Yuki sporting some great traditional Japanese fashion as she works it for our off camera flash workshop on location in Okinawa


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