A recap and tour of my humble little photo office

Hey folks! Wow what a crazy busy season its become. With pretty much no free days all month my editing has been piling up like crazy. Apart from the usual weddings, preweddings and family shoots I've also been doing quite a few diving shoots out in the Kerama islands and will stay on Aka island for 3 days on a photo assignment next week. Also coming up next week is my first Paintball photo shoot, that should be interesting! Last week I had the rare opportunity to take a tour of the fighter jets on Kadena US air base and got to sit in the cockpit of an F-15! That was unreal and I felt like a little kid all over again. They wouldn't let me take my cameras or even phone for that matter along on that excursion but my guide was nice enough to take a few snaps of me playing around with all the controls inside and around the jet.

My Youtube channel has been growing steadily with just shy of 800 subscribers now and continuing to grow faster the more videos I upload. Not that I've had much time recently to spend on video editing or making new photography tutorial videos but I try to regularly get up just a basic video even if its just filmed with the Gopro as often as I can.

I was asked by a couple of commenters if I would make a tour video of my office here where I run fotoShisa Photography so I quickly whipped around with the Gopro in hand and went over the tools and toys I use and a few other bits here in my messy little office. You can check it out below if you like to geek out on gear or just see the kind of workspace I spend a lot of time in.

One more very cool project I'll be shooting in a couple of months is going to involve a military bomb suit and C4 explosives!! So stay tuned for that. 

Thanks for dropping by!


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