Representing Spider Holster in magazine ad

Just wanted to share a page from this months issue of Behind the shutter magazine where I was found in an ad for Spider Holster for whom Im an ambassador for. One of my online photographer friends pointed it out to me and sent me a link to the page. Its still a trip everytime I see myself in publication but I'm happy to be representing a great product like Spider Holster!

For those that don't know Spider Holster is the belt Im wearing in the image. It allows you to do away with rubbish camera straps that are always getting in the way and slipping off the shoulder. Spider makes it comfortable to wear your camera(s) all day long and access them super quick and easily.

For anyone who wants to try out the Spider you can order them from the States or here in Asia.

For my friends in Japan/Asia check out and use my offer code PeteFreeShip to get free shipping!

And for my US friends check out and use the offer code Leong20 to get 20% off your order!

You wont regret it!

If you haven't seen it already check out my review of the Spider Holster dual camera pro system in the video below.


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