Okinawa beach wedding for Rebecca and Ethan

Summer is now here in Okinawa and the busiest part of the first wedding season of the year is coming to an end. With the rain season in full effect it has been quite difficult for outdoor location weddings and preweddings to get the timing right with great weather. For Ethan and Rebecca their private beach wedding was a gamble that paid off. It was raining on and off right up to the start of the wedding but the sky came great with beautiful clouds just in time for their ceremony with a few friends and the beautiful ocean as the background. 

In all honesty this was actually quite a tricky wedding to photograph as nothing was quite in the normal order of things and all the friends were gathered in very close making it tricky to get good angles of the bride and groom during the ceremony. To make things even trickier the sun would occasionally poke through giving a very harsh light on Rebeccas face which is never a good thing in wedding photography. In the end though it all worked out great and we had a fun time exploring the island for locations to shoot at after their wedding. 

Check out a few of the photos from their day below. 

Interested in having a wedding in Okinawa? Drop me an email and I'll be happy to photograph and help you organize your big day!


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