Typhoon Neoguri wave shooting

Super typhoon Neoguri has finally passed over us here in Okinawa now. It was an interesting 24 hours or so with crazy amounts of rain and wind causing quite a bit of flooding and damage to buildings and cars. Some of us though do get excited when the typhoons come as they can bring some great photographic opportunities. 

For these top 3 wave shots I used my Canon 1DmkIV and new 24-70mm f4L IS inside of an Outex protection cover. If your not familiar with the Outex cases they are basically a thin moulded soft latex cover with glass that attaches to the front of the lens and rear for the lcd screen and are great for shooting in rain or dirty conditions, snorkeling and they can even take a beating in the surf. Of course its always a little scary taking $7000 or so worth of gear in the water in a thin rubber protective layer but it has worked great for me so far and much cheaper than buying at full blown housing. The Outex's come in at at around $300~$400 while my bigger housings for diving and surf come in at close to $3000 each but all serve different purposes. 

And below are a couple of shots I grabbed the morning after the typhoon as it was morning more north towards mainland Japan. 

Chocolate dirty waves at Kadena where lots of fresh rain water and mud has 
mixed with the ocean water. 

A fishing boat capsized and crashed into the sea wall from the wind and waves along Kadena norths sea wall. 

If you'd like to check out a video I made reviewing the Outex click here to be taken to my Youtube channel. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=544b_s-BbKI


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