Returned from Mentawai's all Japan pro surf photo trip

Just got back to Okinawa after a couple of weeks away on a boat in the Mentawai islands of Sumatra in Indonesia with a great team of Japanese pro surfers and body boarders. For those that don't know the Mentawai islands are famous for great surf and beautiful islands and beaches.

As usual it was quite the mission traveling with lots of heavy camera gear. But I learnt a lot and wont be traveling with Peach airlines ever again thats for sure. They are not photographer friendly at all.

I was traveling with quite a bit of photo and video gear though including my Canon 300mm f2.8, 4 other lenses and two Canon bodies, the 5DmkIII and 1DmkIV. I also took along my new underwater surf housing from Liquid Eye and had a great time (although sometimes scary) shooting in the waves with the surfers. I'll be posting plenty of photos and video in the weeks to come but for now I have to sift through the 14,000 or so images and video and prepare images for all the sponsors and riders etc..

Heres just a small sneak peak of what I saw there.

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