BTS video of a model photoshoot with pro surfer and bodyboard girls in the Mentawai's

I've finally finished going through the 14,000+ images I shot while in the Mentawai islands of Indonesia on assignment with pro surfers from Japan. On our last day of the trip I took a small boat with our two pro rider girls Kaori Mayaguchi and Akiko Sato to a small island with a beautiful beach and we made some photos for their sponsors.

Gear was super minimal with only one camera, a couple of lenses and one Yongnuo cheap speedlite. Oh I also had my trusty trifold shoot through umbrella from Lastolite but didnt have an umbrella mount to put it in so that had to be hand held.

The day was super hot and the time was not ideal for model/portrait photography but we make do with what we've got right.

Here's a quick little behind the scenes I shot and some of the images below.

Here's some other shots from that shoot and other times from the trip of the girls sporting their various sponsors gear.

Akiko having some fun jumping off our boat the Nagalaut
while I fire off 10 frames per second from my Canon 1DmkIV

While visiting a surf camp on a beach we came across this awesome little monkey who 
was happy to ride with the girls for a few shots. 

Getting some shots of Kaori with the awesome AIRsup from Japan. 

I love this tree so much. So photogenic. 

Kaori sporting her Roxy gear and board

Akiko with her Honey Girl gear on an awesome palm tree

Walking backwards with a tripod and flash in hand while shooting to light this one of 
Kaori in her Roxy gear

Kaori with her sponsors surf boards lit with my Yongnuo and shoot through umbrella just out of frame held by Akiko 8)

Now that Im finished the editing I'll be posting lots more images of some amazing waves and adventures in the Mentawai's soon. Theres still tons of video to be edited as well so stay tuned!


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