Underwater prewedding bridal photo session Okinawa

Recently I had the pleasure of trying an underwater pre-wedding/engagement photo session for an adventurous couple Nolan from the US and Noorin from Singapore who both enjoy scuba diving and free diving. They wanted to try something under so we headed off to Okinawa's famous snorkeling/diving spot of Maeda for some underwater fun. I've tried this kind of thing quite a few times with various models but it turns out that its actually quite a bit trickier than it looks in the photos. There are a lot of factors to deal with like heavy dresses getting water logged making it hard to swim, stirring up the sand which renders the photo pretty much useless,  staying underwater long enough, water visibility etc... Everything has to come together perfectly for great underwater shots.

Unfortunately this day the main Maeda diving area was closed due to the surf and waves but we got some shots are near by Maeda flats except all the other beginner divers were in the area also. Anyway here are a few images I managed to make with my Canon 5DmkII and Ikelite dive housing. For all shots I used the Canon 8-15mm f4L fisheye zoom lens. I didn't bother using flash as I knew it would just light up all the sand in the water this day.

As soon as the busy wedding season here in Okinawa quiets down a bit we will have another crack at it on a better day but we still had fun and managed to get a few fun images. 

If your interested in trying an underwater engagement/pre wedding type shoot then drop me an email via the contact button somewhere on the right there and lets line up a date. Mini sessions start from 25000yen, full single location sessions from 45000yen. Contact for details and bookings!


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