Sigma Art 35mm f1.4 lens just arrived!

After hearing so many good things about the new line of lenses from Sigma including the Art, Sport and Contemporary series I had to get my hands on one for myself to try.
I used Sigma's "pro" EX series of lenses for quite a few years and was very happy with them. Of course that was back when sensor resolution was a lot lower so they may not hold up as well these days with the likes of 20+ mp sensors.

So after tossing up buying either the new 50mm f1.4 art or the 35mm version I finally opted for the 35mm. Because I was finding I more often than not wished for a little wider field of view when shooting with my Canon 50mm f1.2L on shoots with families and in tight spaces at weddings etc..

I managed to pick up the lens at a bargain price from here in Japan. But you can get it at the US Amazon store by clicking here. 

Here's a little unboxing and initial thoughts on the new lens in my video here.

Here are a few test shots I made with the Sigma 35mm f1.4 art on a Canon 5DmkIII lens around home and just down the street at sunset with my MR2 Spyder.

All samples were shot at f1.4

Heres a tight crop from the shot above

Random test inside on my macbook pro screen

And some tests down the road at sunset with my car

As you can see you can get quite a shallow depth of field even at a relatively wide focal length of 35mm. So Im really looking forward to trying some some wider people portraits with this lens but still having some sweet sweet bokeh in the background as well as shooting in lower light at receptions and parties etc..

The build quality of the lens looks to be fantastic, I would say just as nice if not nicer than my Canon L lenses. And I haven't been able so far to find a hint of chromatic aberration or focusing errors. Focus also locks on plenty quick and quietly thanks to its hypersonic motor. Like others have mentioned the only thing I think its missing is weather sealing which would make it even better. At $900 its not a "cheap" lens but when its beating out much more expensive lenses from Canon and Nikon etc.. I would say its a steal! 
Again if you'd like to get one of these please use my link here to find it on Amazon. 


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