Some more Sigma 35mm f1.4 ART series lens test shots

Hanging out and having dinner with good friends the other night so I took along my new Sigma art series 35mm f1.4 to test out with my favorite K9's Roger, Pumpkin and Sachimo. Even after several beers I was able to lock on and get sharp shots with very shallow depth of field when shooting wide open at f1.4. Im really loving having this slightly wider look than with my 50mm prime lenses but still having a beautiful creamy background and whats in focus is extremely sharp. 

Check out some of the samples below. Never mind the funky white balance, I was just shooting in jpg as I didn't plan on editing these shots too much. All shots were shot using the Canon 5DmkIII. 

For this shot I used focus stacking as the dof was so shallow. 
So I used a shot of his tongue in focus and then another where I refocused on the eye then blended them together in Photoshop. 

Roger wants to give Daddy a wet kiss

When shooting groups with a lens like this its not a good idea to shoot wide open and expect to get everyones eyes in tack sharp focus. 

It can also be tricky to not have the camera focus on the nose instead of the eyes

So theres a few portrait test shots with the new Sigma 35mm f1.4 art lens. I took the lens along on an all day pre wedding location photoshoot yesterday around Okinawa and so looking forward to seeing how this lens holds up in various lighting conditions outdoors with regards to chromatic aberration as that was my main complaint with the more expensive Canon 50mm f1.2L lens. Im also excited to see just how sharp this $900 lens is even when used wide open.

You can pick up this lens from by clicking on the lens!


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