Riptide Magazine Australia

Happy to get a photo published in this months issue of Australia's Riptide bodyboarding magazine. 
The shot above of pro Japanese bodyboarder Akiko Sato on a pretty good size wave while we were in the Mentawai islands, Indonesia. Akiko was never afraid to charge even the biggest waves and even when she got pummeled she would get right back in there and catch some more. 

I made the published shot with my Canon 1DmkIV and 300mm f2.8L lens from a small Zodiac boat. Its amazing how good you can get at holding a long lens steady while rocking in a small boat for hours each day! Below is this months issue of Riptide and some other shots I made of Akiko in Indonesia below. Cant wait to get back there hopefully this year!  

If your interested in a dream surf trip to the Mentawai's then drop by to book a tour. They run a bunch year and owners Ben and Frank really know how to put on an amazing trip! Awesome food, surf and people!!


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