Bought a drone! The DJI Inspire 1

Happy to announce I've finally got myself a DJI Inspire 1 drone to use with my business (and for fun of course) to provide video and still images for everything from surfing, weddings and engagement shoots, resorts, wedding chapels and of course the beautiful seascapes and nature of Okinawa.
For months before I bought the Inspire 1 I was already watching every Youtube video about drones that I could find and learning what I could and bought a little Blade Nano quadcopter to practice with inside the house.

Since the Inspire arrived I've been taking it out everyday to practice with and learning a lot as I go. Im very impressed with the 4k video and very happy that it has the capability to shoot raw dng still images.

I'll be setting up aerial photo/video packages shortly for weddings, real estate etc.. but for now I just wanted to get up a little sample video I've edited below as well as a few images taken with the drone and some behind the scenes shots. Enjoy!

Check out some initial footage from my first few days with the Inspire 1


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