Sunday, August 16, 2015

Whats in my camera bag? 2015 version

I recently made an updated "whats in my camera bag" video for my Youtube channel as Id been asked by several subscribers for an updated version. Quite a bit of my Canon gear has changed in the past couple of years and so thought it would be good to show what I currently use for my daily shooting from photoshoots here in Okinawa to overseas weddings. I try to make sure I have a back up of everything in case something stops working during a shoot which sooner or later will happen!

Take a look at the video here...

Some of the main gear featured in this video that I use is: 

Think Tank airport take off

Canon 5DmkIII
Canon 1DmkIV (discontinued) find the 1DX here

Canon 70-200mm f2.8L IS
Canon 24-70mm f4L IS
Canon 17-35mm f4L IS
Sigma 35mm f1.4 Art  for Canon  for Nikon

Cactus RF60 X2
Cactus V6 radio triggers
Cactus CB60 softbox
Lastolite Ezy pole  (discontinued?)

Camera support-
Spider dual holster or by direct from and use my offer code Leong20 to get 20% off.  

Theres plenty of other brands and gear I use for different shoots such as the Tamron 150-600mm for sports, Rogue flashbenders for other lighting situations, Profoto B1 when I need lots of power on location, fisheye lens and underwater housings, other flash brands such as Yongnuo, the DJI Inspire1 drone etc.. But this is my general bag that gets my by for photoshoots 99% of the time. 

Extra shout out to the companies that send me gear to use such as Spider Holster, Rogue, Cactus and ImageVISION. I appreciate all the support!!

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