The bridge to Kouri island video

An aerial panorama shot with the DJI Inspire 1 and about 10 images

A couple of days ago I put together a few drone video clips and photos that myself and one of my best mates Keith Smith shot out over the famous bridge that joins Yagaji island to Kouri island up north Okinawa. I didn't expect the video to gain that much attention but in the 2 days since uploading to my fotoShisa Facebook page it got shared over 150 times and has close to 10,000 views and all totally organic, meaning I didn't pay for any Facebook advertising like I sometimes do to boost a post for advertising my wedding photography etc..  

I'm really no pro at video editing as I'm sure any one with some video skills could tell by watching my videos but I do enjoy the process of putting together my own videos. And like anything it just takes some practice and time to get better. I put the video together in about 30 minutes using Final Cut Pro X. I hope to one day be able to use my videos to help promote tourism in Okinawa. 

Check out my short little video below shot with the DJI Inspire 1 drone with the supplied ND filter attached to the X3 Zenmuse camera mounted to the drone. 

From the Yagaji island side of the bridge we launched the drone and flew it all the way across to Kouri island which according to the distance displayed on our iPhone flight apps was about 1.3km away. The drone was sending back a nice live feed to the iPhones mounted on our controllers without a hitch when we had no obstructions between the drone and controllers. If we flew down behind the smaller island then the video feed would cut out for a second sometimes. 

For some reason when I uploaded to Facebook they immediately sent me a take down notice! Stating that I may be infringing on the video or music owners copyright. The only thing I can think is someone the music triggered an automatic notice, but the song I used is just a generic song included with Final cut pro X for the purpose of being used in videos. So I disputed the claim and they reinstated the video without any further response. Oh well whatever. 

Lastly here are a few photos shot with the drone in RAW and editing in Adobe Lightroom CC. 


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