new Spider Holster mirrorless camera hand strap!

My fantastic supporters at Spider Holster are just releasing their new revolutionary hand strap for mirrorless cameras. They already have wicked good holsters for your camera allowing you to do away with shitty camera straps and insanely comfortable hand straps for DSLR cameras and now they are catering to the mirrorless camera shooters.

These straps are nothing like your traditional camera hand straps. I've tried a few of those in the past and they never stayed on my camera too long. Spider Holsters hand straps however are super comfortable, easy to get your hand in and out of and importantly easy to operate the buttons on your camera.

Check out their kick starter campaign at the link! Also remember if you want to get 20% off their other products on their website then use my special code Leong20 at check out. You can thank me later 8)


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