Wicked summer storm clouds in Okinawa

While shooting a family location photoshoot yesterday for my friend Todd and his family this beautiful super cell storm cloud appeared out over the ocean to the north of where I was shooting at Toguchi beach. The last time Id seen a cloud like this was a couple of years back in Australia while shooting a wedding. 

Seeing these kinds of rare clouds always gets me excited, especially if I have a camera in hand. Now that the rainy season has finished here in Okinawa its been pretty much awesome weather and nice sunsets almost every day. 

Todd and his family shot with the Sony A7Rii and Sigma 35mm f1.4 Art lens

Another panorama of the wicked cloud. About 8 shots made with the A7RII and Canon 16-35mm f4L lens with Metabones adapter. 

Hope you enjoyed checking out my cloud shots! These are my favorite kinds of seascapes for sure!


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