Drone video shoot for marine sports company

Danny & Jo having fun SUP'ing out in the Kerama islands

I was asked by a local dive and marine sports company to to out to the Kerama islands with them to film a promotional video for them with the drone and also underwater so of course I was happy to oblige. Along the way I took a bunch of photos as well as you can see below. 

Check out the video here! Shot by myself Pete Leong and edited by Alisa

And heres some other photos from that day shot with the DJI Inspire 1 drone with the x3 camera, Canon 5DmkIII for other shots from the boat and underwater photos shot with my Canon 5DmkII with 8-15mm f4L fisheye lens in an Ikelite water dive housing. 

If your interested in licensing any images please email me here


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